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  • Another day

    I had a job interview today: it was  a company based in Ho Chi Minh which has its business in the education sector and it wants to expand it in the capital. I think I’ve been quite good and they told me they will let me know tomorrow. I hope so..

    Now, I’m at the Holyland bar, situated in an alley next to Xa Dan, near my work’s place. It’s a rock bar, small and pretty:  I went here yesterday after work, because Lena (my boss) is the owner’s best friend. At the moment the owner (long wavy hair and army pants) is playing at the playstation with a friend, while his girlfriend is playing with one of the 3 dogs they have and 2 guys are doing some guitar exercises.

    the owner with his friend!

    the owner with his friend!


    the  puppy and me ;-)

    the puppy and me ;-)

    guitar's lessons

    guitar’s lessons

    They didn’t know me until 20 minutes ago, but now, I’m as an old friend. This is what I love of this city. Seriously, my life could be perfect if I only could find a full time job!