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  • A 4D cinema experience and.. please find me a job!!

    Yesterday, Anh and me passed a marvellous day together: we stayed at home a little bit longer because the girls from the 6th floor wanted to see her. Then we went around the lake and we joined my ex boss, Sally, and her friends. Anh passed the day to be hugged an

    d kissed by all those people!

    Anh with the girls of the 6th!

    Anh with the girls of the 6th!

    Anh and Sally

    Anh and Sally


    In the evening, instead, I had a date: the classical first one, dinner + cinema. He picked me up at 7.00 pm and we went to an Italian restaurant because he wanted to know my opinion about it: actually I was quite impressed b

    y the quality of food, expecially considering that the chefs were all vietnamese! We talked a lot, about travels and work and he gave me some good advices about.

    After finished our dinner, we went watching the new Halle Berry’s movie, 911. Ok, if you are travelling in Vietnam or if you’re planning to come here, be sure to go to the cinema: it’s a unique experience!! Why? Because vietnamese are so in the movie that you can’t even imagine it! They scream during frightening scenes, they give advices to the actors about what they should do or not in some particular situations and more. At first, I was shocked; everytime my +1 gave me his own opinion about something it was in the movie I wanted him to shut up but after a while I began to relax a little bit, until I joined the other customers: I yelled agains Halle Berry who didn’t do the most logic thing she could do, such as call the police immediately, instead of going in the darkness with the psycho guy.

    Today instead, it has been a blue day: I called the kindergarten in order to accept the job but they told me that the timetable had changed so I couldn’t teach anymore because I worked in the evenings. So now, I have to find another job. Can’t beleve I’m starting this again. How can people be so improfessional?? Damn it, it’s so stressful!

    I’m not sure if I read it somewhere or if someone told me it, but I heard that if you have a bad day, one of the first things you can do is to dress up well, make yourself pretty and go out. That’s what I did: I got ready and I went out. But oustide, the temperature was almost of 40 degrees so I decided to pass a couple of hours at the Coffee Bean and enjoy its air conditionner. :-) I ordered a milkshake, I switched on my tablet and I sent 10 cvs.

    One called me already. Let’s see what I can find!